Fabio Mancini for the Giorgio Armani 40th Attitude

Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani celebrates this year his 40th anniversary in the fashion industry, and for this reason, fashion photographer Giovanni Squatriti pays homage to one of the biggest names in luxury made in Italy with a sophisticated editorial. To represent Armani’s idea of elegance, the Armani’s favourite model Fabio Mancini deliver his best angles for the camera, posing for a series of striking images, shot in Milan at Teatro Armani, which has been designed by Japanese archi-star Tadao Ando. Visually translating the designer’s idea of enduring refinement and sophistication, Squatriti provides a series of beautiful images with a strong cinematic vibe, where the models don a selection of standout looks included in the latest ready-to-wear collections of Giorgio Armani. Proving that elegance is not about seasonal trends, but is about beautiful clothes that highlight our own personality and stand the test of time, Squatriti captures the essence of Giorgio Armani’s signature aesthetic in these timeless black & white portraits.

Atribute_Armani_Giovanni_Squatriti 1

Atribute_Armani_Giovanni_Squatriti 2.Fabio

Atribute_Armani_Giovanni_Squatriti 3

Atribute_Armani_Giovanni_Squatriti 4

Atribute_Armani_Giovanni_Squatriti 5

Atribute_Armani_Giovanni_Squatriti 6


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