Fabio Mancini after Rich fall winter 2017-18 show






Fabio Mancini after the Emporio Armani show



Fabio Mancini for Yamamay Christmas event in Milan.

Italian top model  Fabio Mancini is invited in the biggest Yamamay store in Milan for Yamamay new fall Winter Christmas 2016 event with italian stars Massimiliano Rosolino , Alessia Ventura, Mariana Rodrigues, Francesco Facchinetti , Diletta Leotta and influencers Nima Benati and many others.


Fabio Mancini stops at his Milan agency to shoot a bunch of new digitals-polaroids, and we have to say, that starting the day looking at Fabio’s natural and no manipulated beauty is not a good thing. In fact, we just want to go back to bed saying: “We cannot go outside, if we could have the chance to meet Fabio on the streets. The comparison would be unfair for us!”; or it’s just a simple excuse to spend extra minutes in bed (both of them, we have to be honest).
By the way, Fabio is captured by Boris Radovanovic at D’Management Group’s headquarter, showing once again his unique features, that gave him the opportunity, mixed with a strong and magnetic personality, to become one of the most successful Italian models of all the times, and we’re pretty sure that for him, the best has yet to come.









Fabio Mancini new polaroids/digitals may 2015 from d’management Milan

The italian top model Fabio Mancini (D’Men) stops at his Milan agency today to shoot a bunch of new digitals. The Italian charming face shows off his unique angles and sculpted body for a series of natural images, proving that his beauty doesn’t need digital manipulation.