Fabio Mancini shows in the milano fashion week spring summer 2016-2017

Italian top model Fabio Mancini walk for dirk emporio armani , dirk bikkemebrgs , brunello cucinelli , john richmond 2016 in the milano fashion week spring summer season.











Fabio Mancini is Giorgio Armani’s man of the moment

There’s no doubt that Italian model Fabio Mancini is Giorgio Armani’s favorite masculine face of the past few years, lending his unique features for the designer’s campaigns, lookbooks and fashion shows. A clear proof of Fabio’s unstoppable success happened few days ago in Milan, when he opened Giorgio Armani fall/winter 2016 womenswear show, an opportunity tha few other male models can add to their portfolios, hitting the runway in a refined velvet look, that perfectly represents Mr. Armani’s idea of contemporary refinement. Enlisted by the designer to hit the runway of his Emporio Armani fall/winter 2016 womenswear fashion show, Fabio proved once again his magnetic charisma, dressed for success in a luxurious casual wardrobe, conceived for a stylish modern man.


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Fabio Mancini for Emporio Armani e Giorgio Armani fw 2016 womenswear fashion show

Fabio Mancini is one of the few men chosen to accompany the models on the runways of both lines of emporio armani and giorgio armani for the shows of women’s fashion week in Milan having the privilege to open the Giorgio Armani fall winter womenswear fashion show.


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