Fabio Mancini for Yamamay Christmas event in Milan.

Italian top model  Fabio Mancini is invited in the biggest Yamamay store in Milan for Yamamay new fall Winter Christmas 2016 event with italian stars Massimiliano Rosolino , Alessia Ventura, Mariana Rodrigues, Francesco Facchinetti , Diletta Leotta and influencers Nima Benati and many others.



Fabio Mancini for Yamamay Menswar Fall Winter 2016 Collection

Male Supermodel  Fabio Mancini is enlisted by Yamamay for its Menswear Fall Winter 2016 advertising campaign.




Fabio Mancini for Yamamay Fall Winter 2016 Christmas Campaign

Male Supermodel  Fabio Mancini is enlisted by Yamamay for its Christmas 2016 advertising campaign. Shot by fashion photographer Giovanni Gastel, the Italian model is joined by American model Emily DiDonato, female face of many major advertising campaigns like the one for Acqua di Gioia fragrance, just to mention one. The artistic couple dons a selection of key pieces from the label’s winter collection assembled by stylist Simone Guidarelli.







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The unstoppable italian Top Model Fabio Mancini finds some time in his busy schedule to sit with Vogue Hommes for a revealing interview. Answering few questions about his favorite fitness regime and grooming secrets, the Italian sensation gives us few hints to look healthy and beautiful. Well, we have to admit that we’ll certainly start to run surrounded by nature, and we will start a new grooming routine, but we’re also pretty sure that we won’t look as good as him in a million years.
Here’s the complete interview, that can be also viewed on Vogue Hommes website:

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What’s your first thought when you wake up?
Breakfast! I eat a lot of fruit and cereals to be ready for the day.

What’s your morning/evening beauty ritual?
I wash my face with cold water and use Eau Thermale by Avene on my face and a Serum Defatigant for my eyes. On my body I use natural Argan oil.

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What’s your remedy against signs of tiredness?
First of all, I sleep for 7-8 hours and relax at home. I also use a natural green clay on my face, which is good for the body as well. But the best thing to do is go to a sauna at a spa; there’s a beautiful one in Milan near my home.

Do you have a favorite sport?
I’ve been a swimmer for 20 years, but I like to run too, and sometimes I play soccer with my brother and friends. I hate going to the gym!

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What’s your weekly exercise routine?
When I have time and am not traveling a lot, I like to run 3-4 times a week for 13-14km in under an hour, or I go swimming near where I live.

Where do you like to train?
I usually like to run in parks, surrounded by nature.

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Do you have any detox drink recipes?
Every morning I have a mix of fresh fruit with lemon juice and ginger, or a simple green tea is great.

How do you push yourself further during exercise?
I listen to music! A playlist of deephouse and RnB is the best way to keep yourself going.

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Do you have any food preferences to increase muscle mass?
Quite simply, fruit and vegetables, and not too much meat. But I have to say that I love sushi!

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What’s your trick to feeling comfortable in front of the camera?
After 5 years of experience it’s easy, but it was really difficult first. The best thing to do is to form a good relationship with your team, especially the photographer.

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What is your quick-fire method to sculpt your body in case of excess fat?
Drink a lot of water, run, and drink fresh fruit smoothies after a workout.

What do you wear to work out?
Nike shorts, a t-shirt and Nike shoes. When I swim I wear black swim shorts and special underwater headphones.

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Do you have a favorite fragrance?
Rem by Reminiscence and Acqua di Giò by Giorgio Armani

What 3 products can you not live without?
Avene’s Eau Thermale for my face, natural clay for my body and face, and 100% natural argan oil from Morocco.

Where do you go to disconnect from the world?
Acerno, in the south of Italy. It’s a little village in the mountains made up of 2000 people, I love it.

Your addresses:

A park to run in:
Parco Sempione in Milan

A swimming pool:
Cozzi. Viale Tunisia, 35, 20124 Milan, Italy.

A massage center or spa?
QC Termemilano. Piazza Medaglie D’Oro, 2, 20135 Milan, Italy.

A healthy restaurant?
Armani Nobu, Giorgio Armani’s sushi restaurant. Emporio Armani Store, Via Gastone Pisoni, 1, 20121 Milan, Italy.

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A hair-stylist?
Aldo Coppola salon in Milan.

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